Ubuntu: Forgiveness and Healing for Brotherhood Month

By Abigail Lucy Mary

Published on March 22, 2024

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John McArthur - Unsplash

YouTuber Abigail Lucy Mary uses this African Collective Brotherhood Month to deliver a powerful message of unity and reconciliation.  In her video, “Loving Your Brother is Actually Loving a Piece of Yourself,” Mary acknowledges the difficulty of forgiving a sibling, but emphasizes its importance in the face of a shared African identity.

“‘Have I wronged you, please forgive me,'” Mary pleads. “‘You are the only sibling I have… if you do not forgive me, I will be lost forever.'”  She recognizes the pain caused by a sibling’s actions but urges viewers to embrace the spirit of Ubuntu –  an African philosophy emphasizing interconnectedness.

Mary concludes, “I am trying to find a place in my heart to heal… I say I forgive you.'”  This Brotherhood Month, her message is a call to heal past hurts and embrace the strength that comes from unity within the global African community.

See the full video here.

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