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What is African Collective

The greatest threat to the progress of Africans and people of African descent worldwide is our lack of unity.

African Collective connects people of African ancestry worldwide through our weekly Newsletter covering News and Events impacting us, Black Business, Life Today in Africa and Diaspora Communities, Our History, and Vision Forward from key Leaders, Influencers, and Professionals.

This online community gives people of African Descent the opportunity to collaborate, network, and make progress together around shared interests for our collective success as a Global People.

Our Exclusive

The African Collective Global Newsletter promotes the Life, Business, Health, Education, Arts, Culture, Music, and Political Interests of people of African Descent worldwide. This global newsletter is curated with content from many of the most accomplished, influential, visionary, and inspiring speakers, leaders, and content creators from around the world.

Our Global
Business Directory

The African Collective Global Business Directory is the fastest growing global database of businesses owned by people of African Descent in the world! Subscribers have the exclusive opportunity to find local and global black owned businesses of all sorts offering a wide range of products and services. 

Our Global
Events Calendar

African Collective Global Events Calendar makes it easy for subscribers to find events that are organized by and for the benefit of people of African Descent all over the world. Whether it is an in-person or online event in your local city or anywhere in the world, OUR Events Calendar is where you find the trending festivals, celebrations, seminars, workshops, and Afro-based events happening worldwide.


If you are a Premium subscriber to African Collective you can add your business to the global business directory by clicking the ‘Add Business Now’ button on the Global Business Directory page when signed in.

At African Collective we are all about maximizing the success of all businesses owned by people of African Descent worldwide. If you are a Premium subscriber just log in to your account, click ‘businesses’ then scroll to ‘Add Business Now’. Follow the process of adding your business for each of the businesses that you would like to add to the African Collective Global Business Directory.

Yes, whether you are a Standard or Premium subscriber to African Collective, you will receive the African Collective Newsletter and have access to the News via the website’s News section.  You can also view businesses in the Global Business Directory and events in the Global Events Calendar.

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