Preserving Our Stories: A Conversation With Grandpa For Brotherhood Month

By Joy Malonza

Published on March 16, 2024

Joy Malonza is on a mission to bridge the gap between generations this African Collective Brotherhood Month. A recent trip to Kenya, her first in 16 years, sparked powerful conversations with her grandfather, a “living history” in their homeland.

“‘My tata,’ which means grandfather in our indigenous language of Kikamba,” Malonza shares, “talked about our ancestral lands, the impact of colonialism, and his role as a community leader today.”  These conversations highlight the importance of preserving oral histories, especially for societies impacted by colonialism.

Malonza emphasizes, “‘There is so much to learn from those who have come before us.’ By capturing these stories, we gain a grounded understanding of our ancestors and the impact of colonialism.”

This Brotherhood Month, Malonza encourages us to “sit with your grandparents and listen, learn and preserve their stories.”  Unity, she concludes, is found in “telling and preserving our stories.”   What stories will you share?

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