Brotherhood Chronicles: Unity, Strength, and Empowerment

By Andre Scott

Published on March 16, 2024

Dray Scott, reminds us that the word “Brotherhood” resonates deeply, with connotations of strength, unity, and unwavering support.  Setting parallels between his experiences in gang culture and the true essence of brotherhood, Scott emphasizes the importance of uplifting one another.  Just as brothers in a gang protected each other, we as a community must stand together, not in retaliation, but in support.  When a brother’s marriage struggles or finances falter, we offer a helping hand, building each other up with knowledge and wisdom. “I think of love, love, love does all that is right. When I love, I’m going to feel, when I love, I’m gonna encourage; when I love, I’m gonna build I’m not gonna be jealous or envious of any of those things, so let’s be brothers, I need you you need me.” Love, Scott emphasizes, is the driving force behind this unwavering bond.  Just as Moses relied on his brother Aaron and Jesus found strength in his disciples, we, too, need each other.  This Brotherhood Month, let’s celebrate the power of unity and commit to building bridges, not walls, within our community.

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